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A red dash is spotted in the night sky above a rotting and decaying Earth. The city of Savannah, once a prospering megapolis, has now been ruined and abandoned for hundreds of years. Small bands of scavengers dwell among the remains, and the vast majority of North America has become an unforgiving wasteland, populated by crazed desert tribes desperate to fulfill the mad whims of their made-up deities. Those least affected by the destruction quickly succumb to crime and corruption in absence of a stable government. In want of something greater than their broken lives, these individuals follow the signal from the sky and search for the crash. What lies behind this mysterious incident? Is it hope? Redemption? Aliens?

Not even the maddest of Maxes could save these fools.


Humans vs. Humans: Wasteland (HvH) is a Live-Action Role-Playing game that revolves around team-based combat using Nerf or alternative brand foam blasters. Over the course of multiple days, players can participate in faction-led missions, buy class upgrades with in-game currency, and unearth the secrets of the wasteland in a heavily detailed ARG.

Key Features:

  • Blast your way to victory as you compete against other players in 10 action-filled missions.
  • Team-based system that rewards cooperation. When peril lurks in every direction, it’s dangerous to go alone.
  • Gameplay system that encourages unique play-styles and approaches. Do the talking directly or let your blaster say it for you.
  • Multiple factions looking for your support. Pledge loyalty to a cause or bounce from faction to faction in search of the best payouts.
  • Versatile perk system that allows you to play the game however you want. Want to be anarchist grunt that dual-wields swords? No problem! What about a medic that holds back and heals your teammates? The choice is yours.
  • Purchasable equipment with in-game currency. Trade and barter with other players for the best deals. Who knows? When everything has a price, you might even be able to bribe the shop keep with the right bit of info.
  • Fully fleshed out ARG that runs parallel to the main missions. Not interested in fighting in missions? Help your team by solving puzzles outside of combat.

It’s like playing a video game in real life! No longer do you have to shout in the void of digitally rendered spaces only to hear an echo: when real people are interacting with you, they have to respond!

These .zip folders contain everything you need to run your own HvH: Wasteland game. Rule information, mission guidelines, story write-ups, concept art pieces, prop guidelines—it’s all there and more!

So what are you waiting for? Download HvH: Wasteland today!

Post-apocalyptic wasteland not your thing? Check out our other game set in the Wild West here.



Core Development: Dmitry Dubodel, Colton Olds, Roman Zaremba, Jesse Ruffin, Robert Wilder, Benton Pellet, Thao Hong, Joseph Ong
Producer: Dmitry Dubodel
ARG Development: Dan Beglov, Church Lieu, Dmitry Dubodel, Colton Olds
Art Director/Graphic Designer: Colton Olds
Artists: Andrealisse Lopez, Alex Shammas, Iana Anadenko, Andrew McKinney, Thao Hong, Robert Wilder
Special Thanks: Daniel Pomidor and the DAEMON team, Basha & Bashira Cole, Taylor Hankinson, Nicholas Gogal, Moira Burke, Roman Fruehan, Bobby Matsudaira, Philip Trainer, Katie Sullivan, Kyle Walker, Matthew Hanes, David Louder, Carly Lewis, Jayy O’Strander, Wyatt Johnson, Carson Einarsen, Albert Dantzer, Ephemeral Lights, Carlos The Broom, the creators of Humans vs. Zombies, the countless figures that ran HvZ at SCAD, the players, and everyone else who put up with us as we made this game.


HvH 2018 - Wasteland.zip 376 MB
HvH 2018 Promotional Material.zip 420 MB

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Is the dev team SCAD2018 named after Savannah College of Art and Design?

(2 edits)

Hey, Colton here! Yes, this game was created from a club we founded on campus. Everyone on the dev team went to SCAD at the time except Joseph, who transferred two years prior.